#BustleReads Challenge Progress

Progress-y progress.

1. Book by woman under 25:
2. Non-Western history:
3. Book of essays:
4. Book about indigenous culture:
5. Read a book before you see the movie:
6. YA book by author of color:
7. Book set in Middle East:
8. Book about women in war:
9. Graphic novel written by woman:
10. Book about immigrant/refugee:
11. Read a children’s book aloud:
12. Reread book that defined your childhood:
13. Memoir by LGBTQIA person
14. Post-apocalyptic fiction written by woman:
15. Feminist sci-fi novel:
16. First book in new series:
 Zeroes (Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti)
17. Book set in Africa by African author:
18. Translated book:
19. Contemporary poetry collection:
20. Book by modernist woman writer: