I Am Not a Fan of Writing ‘About Me’ Sections, See Below

My name is Sarah and I find writing ‘About Me’ sections highly weird. So if this is super cringey, don’t say you weren’t warned. I’m 19 (correct as of when I wrote this, may not be true if you’re reading this in the future. Which is the present, for you, I suppose), an Aussie and this is where I ramble about stuff. Mostly books.

pink boots originally started off as a book blog called shelf-tacular, which I created just before my year twelve exams as a means of procrastination. After about a year of on-and-off (but mainly off) posting, shelf-tacular became pink boots, and turned from your average book blog to a book blog where I sometimes also talk about things that aren’t books. It’s called pink boots after my favourite pair of shoes, which I wore every day for five months when I went backpacking Europe on my gap year.

When I’m not wasting time on the Internet, I’m a uni student planning on majoring in physics, and also doing a concurrent diploma in French. My hope is to some day find a job that will involve both of those things, and hopefully allow for a bit of travel as well. I also enjoy writing, but between commitment issues and extraordinary procrastination skills (see the point above about how this blog came to be) I struggle with sticking with projects.

I love YA, particularly of the Australian contemporary variety, and have a soft spot for fantasy realism. I’ve recently started getting into chick-lit and non-fiction, and am slowly getting my hands on more and more of those classic novels.

I’m a dog person, my favourite colour is either hot pink or sky blue depending on my mood, I’ll read almost anything if it’s set in Paris, Jane Austen and Marie Curie are two of my biggest heroes, I like over-using commas and exclamation points and I have probably read Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy about twenty times.

I’m a bit socially awkward but love talking to people, so don’t hesitate to drop by and say hello some time, either here or on social media (links are in the side bar).


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