November Photo Challenge: Top Picks

I haven’t had much luck in the last few months when it’s come to technology. I haven’t had any major disasters, but the old laptop I’ve been using for writing recently died and I also managed to lose my SD card. Luckily all the important pictures where backed up elsewhwere, but completing the photo challenge without it didn’t exactly happen.

I’ve already posted a few of the photos from the challenge here, but instead of posting all the others, I decided to go with some of the pictures I’m most proud of. I’m too lazy to look up what days each of the photos were for, so I’ll just post the categories.

Childhood favourite: I fell in love with The Fire Within at the age of ten, and even though the other books never quite had the same charm, they were a massive part of my tween years.
Disappointing read: I won my copy of Eleven Eleven and was so psyched to read it when it arrived. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be.
Favourite cover: No explanation needed for this one, really. Except that if you lie the books side by side, the three covers make up one big picture, which is pretty cool.
Book stack: A stack of some of my favourite Aussie YA novels. #LoveOzYA
Snuggled up: There’s something about Seraphina that’s quite cosy, so as much as it’s so far from snuggling up weather here, there was no other choice

Hopefully in the new year I might pick my camera up again and try a couple more photo challenges, because it was a lot of fun and I have a couple of photos out of it that I’m rather proud of. Just have to find where my SD card has gotten to…


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